Meet our Hamilton mascots! These little cuties, featured on each of Hamilton Babies products, were named after our Hamilton Babies company children and grandchildren. Bringing care and comfort to baby's skin and hair, they also foster a fun learning environment for baby to intellectually grow and thrive. Because a brainy baby is a happy baby.

We are grateful for Benny, Emmy, Hannah, John, Karissa, Levi, Luli, Nate, and Tenny, and we are thrilled to share them with babies and children everywhere. We are sure they will love them as much as we do!

Learning Zoo

Our meaningful entertainment videos are coming soon!

Kissable Karissa

Karissa lights up a room with her smile and those irresistible, kissable cheeks.

Talented Tenny

Tenny is a builder, an artist, and a mud-pie maker who enjoys cleaning up after a fun day of making messes.

Joyful John

John's natural cheer soothes any situation, including painful diaper rash.

Lively Levi

Levi has no time for sunburns; he is always on the go.

Happy Hannah

Hannah has no worries; she is optimistic under all conditions.

Natty Nate

Nate chooses calm over chaos to move forward and never looks behind.

Elegant Emmy

Emmy prefers to spend her time dancing rather than tussling with tangled hair.

Brave Benny

Benny is courageous in all things, even in taming itchy eczema.

Lovely Luli

Luli just loves to play in a bubbly bath; he thinks it's even more fun than the ocean.