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About Dr. Robert C. Hamilton

Dr. Robert C. Hamilton has dedicated himself to making life better for children and their parents whether it's creating a special holding technique to instantly calm a crying infant or traveling the globe to provide medical care to children in need.

In practice for over 30 years, Dr. Hamilton founded Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in 1996 in Santa Monica, California, and has affiliations with some of the most renowned medical facilities in the world. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a designation signifying his commitment to lifelong learning and advocacy for children.

As a father of 6 children and grandfather to 7, Dr. Hamilton's dedication is both personal and professional and he has used this abundance of experience to create a brand that he knows every parent can trust.

The author of "7 Secrets of the Newborn" published in September 2018, Dr. Hamilton is often called the "baby whisperer" and has been featured in numerous print, radio, and TV news stories all over the world.

His four-step technique for quieting crying infants – known simply as "The Hold" – has been a viral sensation since first posting it on You Tube in 2015. Watch the tutorial yourself to witness how desperate parents exhaled sighs of relief as "The Hold" restored peace in homes everywhere.

Watch The Hold tutorial here: